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Welcome to Desktop Institute. Since posting A Tiling Desktop Environment I've been going over the comments, trying suggestions, researching existing window managers and their code bases, and decided it would be fun to publish this information as I collected it. That's what this site is for. The name of the site and domain mostly came about because it was available, amusing, and cheap. Read on for what I want to do with the site.

As a software developer I find myself wanting to rebuild everything. In theory I have the skill. In practice I don't have the time — even though I work a 4 day week so as to dedicate a day to side projects. The most recent thing I want to rebuild is the desktop shell. Specifically I'd like something with the, "it just works", nature of GNOME or Mac OS, with the tiling layouts and keyboard affordances of Awesome.

Being a developer it's not uncommon to want to immediately leap into writing code to scratch the itch of the day. Given time constraints and an acknowledgement that many have come before me, A Tiling Desktop Environment was my first attempt to defer writing any code and instead gather feedback and put the idea out there.

This website is the continuation of this process. I'd like to continue researching what's out there, how it works, how easy it is to change, and so on. Eventually I expect one of the following outcomes:

The roadmap for topics I'd like to cover is below. I'll add to, and update this roadmap as I go.

Subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Mastodon or Twitter to follow along. I'm publishing the source of this site to GitHub. If you spot a typo or broken link, feel free to raise an issue or send in a fix.